• Application No.: 324662-001, dtd. 13/12/19, CBR No.:26854


Research Interest

  • Ophthalmic Drug Delivery System.
  • Brain Targeted drug delivery system: Nose to Brain.
  • Herbal Drug Delivery System.
  • Nano-particulate System.
  • Innovation in Tableting: Osmotic, Differently coated etc.


Research Project completed

  • Formulation and Evaluation of Microemulsion based gel of Flurbiprofen” from Savitribai Phule Pune University, Reference No. BCUD/OSD/84, Dated : 11/05/2009, period 1st April 2010 to 31st March 2012, amount 2,00,000/- (Rupees Two Lac only).
  • Formulation and development of stable Vit D3 tablet”, Fermenta Biotech Thane/DB Consultancy Pune amount 50,000/-
  • “Preparation of Metal oxide Catalyst tablet” Amol Carbons Private limited, Pune 29.
  • Formulation and Compression of Haridra tablet” Dr. Nimbalkar’s ayurvedis research and clinic


M Pharm: Project  Guided




Name of Student Year Thesis Title
1. Shweta Kolhatkar 2019-2020 Formulation and Development of Mosquito repellant Patch
2. Rutuja Bansode 2019-2020 Formulation and Evaluation of “Herbal immune modulators”
3. Himanshu Gelda 2018-2019 Study effect of different grades of meth-acrylate acid polymers and plasticizer on release of anti-inflammatory drug from delayed release tablet formulation
4. Shivraj Magar 2018-2019 Formulation and Evaluation of Oral Antifungal Jelly for treatment of Oral Candidiasis
5. Vishal Bhujbal 2017-2018 Formulation and scintilographic evaluation of ophthalmic in-situ gel.
6. Arihant Kumar Singh 2016-2017 Development and evaluation of topical formulation for anti-hypertensive drug
7. Shruti Sanjeev Gite 2016-2017 Formulation and evaluation of Sustained Ophthalmic delivery from pH triggered insitu gelling system
8. Namrata Jadkar 2015-2016 Formulation and evaluation of ophthalmic in situ gel of antibiotic.
9. Ravindra Gholap 2015-2016 Formulation and development of ophthalmic insitu gel by using silver capped moxifloxacin.
10. Amar Shinde 2013-2014 Formulation Development And Evaluation Of Mometasone  Furoate Nasal Spray
11. Harshvardhan Patil 2013-2014

Formulation and evaluation of Veterinary Suspension of an Anthelmintic drug


B Pharm: Project Guided                                                                                  



Name of the Student AY Name of Topic
1.        Dhanashree P. Sapre 2013-2014 Formulation and Evaluation of Gastro Retentive Matrix Floating Tablet of Dexibuprofen
2.        Abhishek A. Dubey 2013-2014 Preparation and Evaluation of Herbal Based incense stick having Mosquito repellant activity
3.        Pooja Tanmor 2013-2014 Review on Stability Studies of Pharmaceutical Products
4.        Rameshwar Sanap 2013-2014 Review on Tablets
5.        Choudhari Pratik S. 2013-2014 Antidiabetic Plants : A Review
6.        Phargade Pratik 2012-2013 A Review on Solid Dosage form: Capsules
7.        Salve Manoj 2012-2013 Review on Oral Dosage form Suspension Preparations
8.        Andhari Saloni 2012-2013 A Review on Semisolid Preparations
9.        Tathed Harshad 2012-2013 A Review On Cosmeticology
10.    Goorkani Ladan 2012-2013 Cosmetics: A Review
11.    Gholap Ravindra 2011-2012 Preparing and Submitting model of Automatic Tablet Coating Machine
12.    Lamture Gauri 2011-2012 Formulation and Evaluation of thin dissolving film of any model drug
13.    Pawade Pradip 2011-2012 Review of Niosomes
14.    Pathade Rishikesh 2011-2012 Review of Liposomes
15.    Mane Aditi 2011-2012 Formulation and evaluation of  antiseptic transdermal patches
16.    Behnaz 2011-2012 Review On Mouth Dissolving Tablets
17.    Zanzane Manali 2011-2012 Formulation and Evaluation of bilayred tablet of any model drugs
18.    Rujuta Mahamuni 2010-2011 Formulation and evaluation of eye counter.
19.    Markand Mahendra 2010-2011 Formulation and evaluation herbal gel for alopecia
20.    Kamble Aniket 2010-2011 Formulation and evaluation of microemulsion based gel containing 2 aryl propoinic derivatives.
21.    Inani Rahul 2010-2011 Design ,development and evaluation of floating tablet by using some model drug
22.    Apurva Deshmukh 2010-2011 Formulation and evaluation of medicated gargles
23.    Ahiwale Raj 2010-2011 Preparation and evaluation antidandruff herbal shampoo and its comparative study with marketed preparation
24.    Jain Kalpesh Rameshlal 2009-2010

Preparation And Evaluation of Dexibuprofen Microemulsion Gel


25.    Dudani Milan 2009-2010 Preparation and Evaluation of Herbal Digestive Tablets
26.    Shinkar Mayur Suryakant 2009-2010 Formulation and Evaluation of Micro-emulsion Gels for Topical Delivery of Flurbiprofen
27.    Welkar Karan 2009-2010

Formulation and Evaluation of antibacterial soap and liquid hand wash.



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